There Is More To Wearing Spectacles

By Chantelle Rumbidzai Pearson

Spectacles are a pair of lenses set in a frame and is worn on eyes in order to correct eyesight. Many people have unanswered questions why the young and old wear spectacles. Some think it’s for fun, whereas some think is to enhance or add up to someone’s dressing sense but there is more to wearing spectacles.

The question still remains WHY? However, there are so many problems connected with the wearing of spectacles which are Hyperopia, Myopia, Migraine and Presbyopia.

Hyperopia is a disorder of the eye whereby the eye focuses on distant images better than near objects. Myopia is a disorder of the eye whereby the eye focuses on near objects but distant images will appear blurry.

Migraine is a severe headache usually affecting only one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dislike to bright light and visual disturbances. Presbyopia is a disorder whereby the eye is no longer able to focus on nearby objects due to old age.

 I experienced the same after I got affected with Hyperopia mixed up with migraine headaches, I would feel my head aching at the middle of the night, tried taking up to four ibuprofen tablets and it even got worse to the extent that I could not spend thirty minutes on a laptop working and I could not stay in a room with a bulb lit up. I then approached Greenwood Park Eye Centre and they rescued me from the terrible eye disease and from then and now I wear spectacles.

Saymore Muchichwa a form 4 student says he was diagnosed with Myopia at a local medical centre this year after having severe headache problems, irritated by light from light bulbs, laptops and mobile cell phones.

In addition, a grade 6 student by the name Mazvita was diagnosed with Myopia at the same medical centre and now wears spectacles and says she could cry all the time she tried to focus on distant images.  

Therefore, spectacles are helpful in minimising the migraine headaches, helps those with short sight, old age and far sight to see clearly. The wearing of spectacles can be hereditary from parents to child, whilst in some instances it’s not.

Here is my word of advice to those who do not wear spectacles, always make sure you lower your gadgets brightness and avoid this lifetime expensive eye disease.

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