MDC Delimitation Report Challenge Still On

By Staff Reporter

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Douglas Mwonzora has reaffirmed the party’s commitment to challenging the Delimitation Report issued by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

Undeterred by the Constitutional Court’s refusal to hear their initial application challenging the Delimitation Report, the MDC filed the same application under case number HC 3207/23 before the High Court, emphasizing their stance that the Delimitation Report should be declared null and void.

In a statement, Mwonzora clarified that despite some circulating reports, they have not withdrawn their application before the High Court, seeking to nullify the Delimitation Report and compel ZEC to redo it.

“Contrary to some reports circulating, we HAVE NOT WITHDRAWN our application under HC 3207/23 challenging the Delimitation Report before the High Court. We are persisting with our application and the relief we are seeking has not changed a single bit

“We believe we are right and that it is in the interests of the people of Zimbabwe that this matter be heard on its merits What has been withdrawn was an application for urgent hearing of the matter under HC 3366/23 after our lawyers deemed it unnecessary due to the developments in the main case

“Given the important developments and for the avoidance of doubt, we are waiting for the people’s application challenging the validity of the Delimitation Report to be promptly allocated a hearing date by the High Court. We will be together to the end. The MDC remains the vanguard in the prosecution of the people’s struggle for true democracy and electoral justice in our country,” Mwonzora said

The opposition leader firmly believes that the matter should be heard on its merits, emphasizing the significance of upholding the interests of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mwonzora expressed the MDC’s dedication to pursuing true democracy and electoral justice in the country, considering themselves as the vanguard in the ongoing struggle.

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