Businessman Tungwarara Defrauds Seven Businessman Using President’s Name

Businessman Mr Paul Tempter Tungwarara, who is the special presidential investment advisor, and the man working with billionaire investors on the construction and surfacing of roads at the multi-million dollar Cyber City in Harare is in the eye of a storm as he is accused of defrauding seven businessmen of US$2 million and naming President Emmerson Mnangagwa as his protector.

Some of the complainants who preferred anonymity told this publication that they have received numerous calls from people who claim to be from the President’s Office.

“After we went to the police to report the issues, we started to receive unknown calls from people who introduced them as from the President’s office,” He said.

“We decided to remain calm because we wanted to protect our families.”

“He has labeled us as extorters, but we are not.”

The saga deepens as investigators move in to get clarity.

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