Safety Concern For SA Based Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans living in South Africa (SA) have expressed concern over their safety after spokesperson of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) Pule Mabe made statements insinuating that the safety of foreign nationals was not guaranteed.

Addressing ANC members who were protesting at a police station over increased crime allegedly committed by undocumented foreign nationals, Pule said foreigners illegally residing in SA were to blame for a spate of crimes being experienced in South Africa.

Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa, Ngqabutho Mabhena said Mabe’s statement was unfortunate, and stoking xenophobic attacks.

 “The constitution of South Africa guarantees the safety of any foreigner in the country and Mabe’s statement is just unfortunate,” Mabhena said, adding that Mabe’s utterances rekindled memories of the xenophobic horror attacks directed at Zimbabweans in that country over the years.

 “The constitution is very clear on how those who are not documented should be treated. As a spokesperson of the ruling party, Mabe should have realised the impact of his utterances although we believe that he said this out of excitement and not from the ANC point of view,” Mabhena said

 A Zimbabwean citizen Elvis Nyathi was in April stoned and burnt to death by South Africans who accused him of theft.

 High frequency of Zimbabweans involved in violent crime, mainly robberies, have fuelled anti-Zimbabwean sentiment in South Africa.

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