Mliswa Praises Harare Mayor Mafume

Independent Norton lawmaker Temba Mliswa has commended Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume over his stance on the controversial Pomona energy to waste deal.

Posting on twitter, Mliswa said the fight against corruption should not be left to individuals and opposition politicians but has to involve every Zimbabwean irrespective of race.

“I would like to take this opportunity to take my hat off to @JMafume for his unwavering stance against the stink that was disguised as the Pomona waste to energy project. Kudos to Mafume and Harare City Council for standing up to a blatantly corrupt deal that was going to cost the citizens of Harare millions of dollars. We are extremely proud of you.

“The fight against corruption shouldn’t be left to the opposition or a few individuals, it is a fight that should involve each and every patriotic Zimbabwean regardless of race, colour or creed. The loudest noise should have been coming from within ZANU PF itself.

“It is shocking to see the ruling party being quiet about such a damaging deal less than a year before the general elections. Those that seek to be elected next year should be fuming as these kinds of deals will surely lose them votes,” said Mliswa

He said local government minister July Moyo knows people do not like him however, he was damaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reputation.

“July Moyo doesn’t have to worry about what the electorate thinks because he knows that the people don’t like him anyway and he is a Minister through appointment. Unfortunately he is also damaging the image of the appointing authority,” he said

Mliswa added “By cancelling the overpriced Pomona Waste to Energy sleaze, Mayor Mafume did the right thing despite harassment and open bullying from July Moyo who was curiously doubling up as Nguwaya’s company lawyer by writing threatening demand letters.”

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