Govt Announces Gas Discovery In Muzarabani

By Everisto Nyamandi

Mines and Mining Development Minister, Soda Zhemu,  has announced  that Geo Associates and its partners, Invictus Energy and One Gas Resources, have successfully declared a significant gas discovery in Muzarabani.

In a statement, the Minister said the discovery represents one of the most significant developments in Southern Africa.

“The Government of Zimbabwe is pleased to announce that Geo Associates and its partners Invictus Energy and One Gas Resources have successfully declared a gas discovery in Zimbabwe through the ongoing exploration activities in Muzarabani. This is a major discovery and represents one of the most significant developments in the onshore Oil and Gas Sector in the Southern Africa Region. The discovery is the first Triassic aged hydrocarbon in Sub Saharan Africa.

“Geo Associates has delivered an exceptional result from the first two wells drilled in Mukuyu, opening up substantial room in their large portfolio of prospects and leads for further discoveries. The results were shared as should be the norm have now been shared with Government. The company has also proceeded to slake this announcement at Australian Stock Exchange as per listing requirements,” said Minister Zhemu

The extraction of four hydrocarbon samples from two separate zones in the tipper Angwa using the wireline formation testing tool, Zhemu said met key international standards.

“The samples meet key international standards and; gas and fluid properties will be confirmed following laboratory testing. Currently the Company is conducting further appraisal and evaluation work to confirm the size and quality of the gas reservoirs, and to determine the optimal development plan. The discovery also bodes well for other prospects and leads in the remainder of the larger Cabora Bassa Basin,” he said

However, he was quick to clarify, “Both Government and the Investor would want to reiterate that this is a gas discovery; we have not yet confirmed the discovery of oil as further exploration, tests, and evaluations are still ongoing.”

Despite the ongoing evaluations, the Minister affirmed that the announced discovery is poised to change the economic landscape of the country significantly.

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