Ruwa’s Rising Music Maestro Dreams Big in the Industry

By Thembinkosi Nyathi

Ruwa based music producer, Ishmael “Tikaz” Matiki, is making waves in the industry with his record label, Lifetime Records.

Having embarked on his musical journey in 2020, Tikaz is determined to leave an indelible mark not only on the music scene but also in the lives of upcoming artists he hopes to uplift.

Tikaz, a former member of a traditional dance group during his school days, recalls about his musical roots, where he played instruments like hosho, ngoma, and marimba.

These early experiences ignited his passion for music, eventually propelling him into the dynamic world of music production.

“My hope is to uplift upcoming artists who are passionate about their music and reach a level where other big producers are, or even surpass them,” Tikaz said

Since the inception of Lifetime Records, Tikaz has already recorded notable artists such as Cello Culture, Dobba Don, and T Makwikwi, among other local and emerging talents.

 He is currently engrossed in various projects, including the much-anticipated “Xmas Vibe 2,” “Beatboxing,” and “Mission Riddim,” showcasing the diverse range of music he produces.

However, like many aspiring producers, Tikaz faces challenges, primarily revolving around financial constraints and the lack of necessary equipment.

“The problem I’m facing is the lack of money and also other required equipment, and I hope if both of them are available, everything will be well,” he said

Tikaz’s story mirrors the struggles and dreams of countless producers trying to carve their niche in the competitive music industry.

Despite the obstacles, his dedication and talent have propelled him to make a mark on the local music scene, and there’s no doubt that Ruwa’s music fans are eagerly awaiting the fruition of Tikaz’s ambitious projects.

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