From Indian Music To Zim Pop The Case Of Dhyan Kumar

By Samuel Dzingirai

Multi-talented Harare based Indian pop musician Dhyan Kumar says switching to Zim Pop music has come as a blessing in disguise as he seeks to break cultural barriers through music.

Kumar an actor, comedian, model, martial artist and fitness trainer has won several awards within a short space of time.

The multi-talented artist says Zimbabwe needs more diverse music so that it reaches people from all over the globe.

“I was doing Indian music which is totally different from Pop, but there is also Indian Pop music which has a lot of similarities with Zimbabwean Pop music. All of my music is being followed by a lot of people there is not much change as it was before. I thought changing of music type was going to ruin my career but it became a blessing in disguise. I am versatile artist meaning I can do anything at a given time no matter which category. I had no motive to that Zim Pop so I recently released, but my aim is to break cultural barriers and show Zimbabweans that at the end of the day we are all one,” said Dhyan

Kumar said though there are mixed reactions to his music he is happy with the reception thus far.  

“Critics will always be there when you are in arts field, some will like and others won’t. What I can only say you just have to keep on doing what you are passionate about and fans will automatically show some love. I also have my own support system, I do not live my life expecting financial support. I will push Zim Pop Music up and until it melts the hearts of the entire globe,” he said

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