Mliswa Files Police Report Against Former Deputy Minister Mukupe

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says he has filed a police report against former Finance deputy Minister Terence Mukupe after the latter threatened him with death.

According to Mliswa’s statement recorded at ZRP Karoi Urban Mukupe through a WhatsApp text message accused Mliswa and her sister Mary Mliswa-Chikoka who is also Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs and Devolution of sending thugs to him an allegation Mliswa denied.

Mliswa says Mukupe threatened him saying “At this rate, you are going to die a sad death. Ndapedza bye, and “this time tell your militia, I will not fold my hands ndovacherera past.”

Mliswa says Mukupe’s statements were very disturbing and later blocked his WhatsApp contacts.

Posting on Twitter the Norton legislator said he had opened a police case against Mukupe.

“I have opened a police case against Terence Mukupe, a @ZANUPF_Official thug who thinks politics is about violence and crime. When they can’t compete at the level of ideas many of his type degenerates into their default settings of violence.

“If he can threaten to mete violence against a public figure and MP like myself imagine what he will do to a mere civilian or some other opposition supporter. This kind of behavior should be cut down. @ZANUPF_Official doesn’t need such people. They are a weight and drawback to the President as they tarnish the party’s name with their behavior. What role does a militia play in a democratic space? Whose agenda does it advance, certainly not of the President or the party!” said Mliswa

He said Mukupe should learn to stand his ground and stop name-dropping and threatening people.

“Name-dropping is an archaic method of politics that won’t work in this era and Mukupe should learn to stand in his own work as a politician instead of name-dropping and threatening people. We are saddled enough with past actions of violence as to not want more from midget politicians with grandiose dreams beyond their capacity. The law should take its course and remove the stain of such characters from the political field,” said Mliswa

Part of the text messages that Mliswa alleges were sent by Mukupe

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