Politicians Unite to Eradicate Drug and Substance Abuse

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Various politicians from across the political divide thronged the late legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi’s base Pakare Paye Venue in Norton to fight a common cause to eradicate the rampant drug and subsistence abuse.

The event was graced by thousands including politicians, government officials, law enforcement, musicians, students and the general public saw the progressive event to fight against drug abuse.

Politicians took turns giving their accounts and thoughts to the issue at hand and advise youths stay vigilant and clear of dangerous subsistence and illicit drugs.

The first to give her account was honorable May Mliswa Chikoka Minister of State for Mashonaland West Province and MP for Hurungwe West.

“All the political players from the triple CCC and of cause the political ruling party Zanu PF we recognize you and senior government officials and chairpersons on the inter-ministerial taskforce and representatives and all those wearing yellow t-shirts you are here present. 

’’There is a parliamentary caucus and it is three months old and it involves youths. The illicit drug use and up surge in violence and high crime rate continue to hold back socio-economic development and most affect the ages range from 16-44 years and most fall in that category, according to research that is the most productive age group”, she said.

“It is worrisome that the three top problems seen in our country’s 10 provinces’ mental health services and correctional services are alcohol subsistence abuse related problems this moment call for us to work together across all sectors, communities, families and political divide. The trajectory at which the proliferation of criminal activities and various anti-social behavior that are being exhibited by some of our youths and adults will not come to an end if we leave no stone unturned,” she concluded.

Next on the podium was the youngest Member of Parliament for Harare West and Vice Chairperson of the Parliamentary Youth Caucus Joana Mamombe of the Citizens for Coalition Change as she gave her own thoughts to drug and subsistence abuse.

“All forms of drugs that are being abused and misused to an extent of abusing cough syrups that require a prescription. As a member of parliament and as a member of parliamentary youth caucus we are not going to end here we want to take the fight to other constituencies and provinces.

“As parliamentarians we want to push for the disbursement of fund to build more rehabilitation centers to save the young generation”, said Mamombe.

The Host Member of Parliament for Norton West Constituency Honorable Temba Mliswa called for zero tolerance against drug and subsistence abuse and also called on all parliamentarians to join the fight.

Chiefs, students, Norton residents, law enforcement, musicians, church leaders and politicians all united to eradicate the use of drugs and subsistence amongst the youth at an event held over the weekend.

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