Winky D’s Chitungwiza Show Ends Prematurely

By Staff Reporter

Multi-award-winning Zimdancehall chanter Wallace Chirumiko popularly known as Winky D was last night hit by a bottle in the head after the Zimbabwe Republic Police disrupted his performance.

Winky D was performing at Damview in Chitungwiza when his show was marred by chaos prompting the show to end prematurely

The Zimdancehall chanter had just finished performing his controversial song ‘Ibotso‘when the police ascended on the stage and stopped him from continuing with his performance.

There was chaos and commotion as some people can be seen going onto the stage and surrounding the artist.

Winky D was hit in the head by a bottle by one of the people who went on stage. After he was hit by the bottle, he was quickly whisked away from the stage.

Winky D’s show was initially marred with controversy before the police disrupted his performance. Someone was reportedly sabotaging his performance by tripping the stage light and sound.

His show in Chitungwiza is reportedly his first live performance since the launch of his album EUREKA EUREKA on the 31st of December 2022.

Winky D was sharing the stage with several other musicians including Saintflowmusic and Tocky Vibes.

The 40-year-old’s recent songs reflect Zimbabweans’ daily struggles including poverty, corruption and unemployment.

His songs have created enmity between himself and authorities in Harare who believe he is a mercenary sent to champion the regime change agenda through music.

Economic Empowerment Group an organization aligned to the ruling Zanu PF party called for the ban of Winky D’s songs on national radios following the launch of EUREKA EUREKA.

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