Ruwa Artist Emerging Voice in Zimdancehall, Afro, and Hip-Hop

By Thembinkosi Nyathi

Local music artist, Simbarashe “Chiberebere” Shawarira, has been steadily making waves in the Zimbabwean music scene with his unique blend of Zimdancehall, Afro, and Hip-hop tunes.

Chiberebere is on a mission to not only entertain but to educate and inspire the youth, addressing critical issues like drug abuse and prostitution, all while aiming to reach the level of renowned artists like Winky D.

In a recent interview, the aspiring artist opened up about his musical journey, his influences, and the challenges he faces in the competitive music industry.

 “I started my music journey through imitating the late Soul Jah Love’s songs on stage, which delighted many people,” Chiberebere shared. This early exposure to performing set the stage for his burgeoning music career. This made me to discover my talent and started writing my own songs and I have worked with many different producers who include Cekleer who is also a Hevoi FM Dj who did my first project, Mancidda, Racel D from Stars records,” said Shawarira

With a growing discography, Chiberebere boasts a total of 20 tracks, including four collaborations. However, the path to success in the music industry is not without its challenges.

“I’m facing some challenges of getting replicated by producers intending to push my songs to the radio while they just take my money for fruitless promises,” he lamented.

The artist also pointed out the issue of paying recording fees to studios only for the songs not to be released as promised, a frustrating ordeal that many up-and-coming artists face.

Chiberebere disclosed his struggles with unpaid performances during local shows, a situation that reflects the challenges faced by aspiring musicians in the Zimbabwean music scene.

 Despite these obstacles, he remains undeterred in his pursuit of musical greatness.

Hailing from Masvingo and having received his education at Mazambara High School, Chiberebere embarked on his music career in 2019 after completing his Ordinary Level studies.

He continues to work on new singles and hopes to use his music as a platform to inspire and educate the youth while striving to reach the same heights as established artists like Winky D.

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