Norway Based Footballer Gives Back to Chi-Town

By Staff Reporter

When talented youngsters gather around townships open spaces playing football (commonly known as Chikweshe) barefooted they all have one aspiring dream in common, that is to one day play in the local premier league or cross the border into the south African premier but only a handful have succeeded to play overseas one such name that pops up is Frank Nematombo.

Born Frank Nematombo 39 years ago in the high-density suburb of Chitungwiza, Frank grew up playing soccer with football legend Shingie Kawondera, Kevin Mushangazhike, Musareka Jenitala, Show Bunjira (late) Prince Mbara, Password Zengeni among others.

“Playing soccer in Chitungwiza with my old mates proved difficult because we used to share a single pair of boots, when one is playing a competitive match, they get the first privilege, to use the shoes and that lack of resources inspired me to one day come back to my community and make a difference especially to the underprivileged children in my old neighborhood of Chitungwiza said, Frank Nematombo.

Nematombo is currently based in Norway and plays for a club called Måløy.

“After having some talks with my current club executive, we all realized that they have the capacity to donate football equipment, such as brand-new jerseys, soccer boots, bags and machine pads. I was so overjoyed after getting the news that I can get the equipment and there other clubs within and around Norway are willing to invest in the development of soccer here in Zimbabwe,” said Nematombo.

With assistance from a local football academy Delento, Nematombo organised a soccer tournament and Donated 150 jerseys, bags and boots at Taisekwa Harare South. The tournament comprised of 4 teams from the area of Chitungwiza aging from 10 to 17 years.

“My main goal is to have properly functioning sister club based in Zimbabwe linking these directly to a Norwegian football club,” he said.

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