A Green Machine Without An Operator- The Case of Caps United

By Sports Writer

The 2023 Castle Lager Premier Soccer League season is proving to be a disappointment for many Caps United supporters, as the team falls short of expectations despite having a roster filled with experienced players.

In the previous season, the blame was squarely placed on the club’s president, Farai Jere, for failing to meet salary promises.

However, with payroll issues now resolved but victories still eluding the team, the question arises: who bears responsibility next?

Insiders close to the club have disclosed that Caps United’s coach, Lloyd Chitembwe, has frequently clashed with players and even had conflicts with other staff members.

This friction has left many within the organization disengaged, watching as Chitembwe grapples with his issues in isolation.

Chitembwe’s recent track record in the Premiership tells a grim story, with just 4 points secured out of a possible 30 in the last 10 matches.

Caps United has played 25 games, amassing 27 points, comprising 6 wins, 9 draws, and 10 losses.

The strained relationship between Farai Jere and Lloyd Chitembwe is causing unrest among fans, with a growing sentiment calling for Chitembwe’s removal due to the team’s poor performance.

Others criticize his unprofessional demeanor when interacting with supporters, asserting that he behaves more like a shareholder than a coach. This is a notable shift from previous seasons.

Chitembwe’s coaching history reveals a pattern of struggles. Last season, he endured a seven-game losing streak.

Throughout his coaching career, he has managed to secure only one league title, often marred by disputes, such as the one with former club assistant Mark Mathe.

After leaving Caps United, Chitembwe’s stint with Harare City failed to ignite the players’ passion for the badge.

His return to Caps United has further soured the team’s dynamics, disrupting the cohesion that Darlington Dodo had previously established.

The future of Caps United is shrouded in uncertainty, as fans question Chitembwe’s suitability as the head coach.

Many unanswered questions linger as the team faces Hwange FC this weekend at Colliery.

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