Quonfuzed Slams Utter Disrespect After Being Made a Curtain-Raiser.

By Charles Dzimwasha

United Kingdom-based musician Quonfused who last year made a string of hits has blasted the organizers of the Birmingham show where he was billed to perform for ‘sidelining him’.

The ‘Kamunato Kekubhawa’ hitmaker was furious after being treated as a curtain-raiser at the show despite his prominence.He took to social media to register his anger and frustration.

“I don’t want to make a long sad paragraph about last night’s event where they wouldn’t let me perform as they wanted to make me perform while my fans were still paying to get in and wanted me to curtain raise before the actual event started.

” I don’t wanna mourn about being left out at the press conferences and not being invited to any rehearsals or sound check with the rest of the artists and I had to arrange and sort out my stuff on my own,” posted Quonfused.

He singled out DJ Tamuka for his stern efforts to slot him in.

” Shout out to DJ Tamuka you made an effort to try and slot me but the Kojo guy refused and said  I was late, “he added.

The Zim Link Up show in Birmingham at the Forum was held on Saturday and Monday. This year’s 7th edition also featured ExQ, Nutty O, Freeman, Takura and Killer T.

It’s not the first time the artist has spoken about being unfairly treated. Last  year, he blasted NAMA for leaving him out on nominees for the arts awards despite him submitting his works.

Again he took to social media to register his displeasure.

“Nama ine drama,” he posted on Facebook.

While others argued that  Quonfused might not have submitted his works for consideration,  he responded by posting evidence of email submissions he made last year.

Qounfuzed submitted for outstanding song category, outstanding male, outstanding diaspora and outstanding music video.

“To people that are saying we did not submit to Nama we submitted in October 2022 and they received and confirmed,” he posted on social media. “We are not sure what criterion is used with all Zimbabwe awards but we will not submit any more of our works to any award shows.

“To all our loyal fans we just want to say do not be moved by these award shows issues they come and go, throughout the years we have been pushing music and topping charts, but have not been acknowledged or recognised by any of our local dominant or prominent Zimbabwean awards organisers except for the Zimdancehall awards but that won’t stop us from delivering good music to you and we will continue to do so with or without any award nominations, ” he posted.

Efforts to get a comment from the organisers of the Birmingham show were fruitless.

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