Hip Hop Gospel Musician Charms ‘Ama 2000’

By Pananshe Gwesu

Hip hop gospel artist Yeoman Koro also known as Yeomie Kay says he was attracted to the genre and embraced it as a way of preaching the word of God to the millennium 2000 generation commonly referred to as ‘ama 2000’

In an interview with ZimReview.com, the 28-year-old stated that he also repented after hip-hop gospel music was preached to him.

“This type of music won my heart, l decided to venture into it so as to preach to the youths who are still in the darkness. This is the only genre that I can use to preach to them, they accept this easily since they love hip hop, so for them to give you an ear you have to give them what they want in a way they understand,” said Kay.

Yeomie Kay rose to prominence in 2015 following a successful single track Takupenya with hip hop gospel artist Flame B, he also did a wonderful track titled Ndiye with Shingi Mau Mau.

Takupenya was nominated in 2016 for the Christian Hip hop awards as the song of the year.

The Highfield-born singer wishes to collaborate with top Zimdancehall artists and says he has many upcoming projects.

“I wish to collaborate with Winky D and his music has to impact on the young generation, what differentiates my music from others is that it teaches at the same time it inspires,” he said

For the former Mhofu Primary School student, he says the sky is the limit.

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