Youthful Gospel Musician Mujokeri Releases Single Track

By Emelda Jinya and Munashe Kagoro

South Africa based Zimbabwe gospel musician Tanatswa Mujokeri on Saturday released his track entitled Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara on his social media platforms (YouTube and Facebook and iTunes.

A 25 year old gospel musician stage name MJ said he is yet to release an album and prefers singles.

“I don’t have aby albums yet as I prefer releasing singles,” said Mujokeri

To date Mujokeri has 8 singles namely kuita Zvamunotaura, Akatanga Basa, Tinokutendai, Porofita basa, Tinoti Mutsvene and the latest Ishe Ndinzwe Nekufara

“Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara is our latest song and it’s a hymnal song because music is not stagnant but evolves as time goes on, “said the musician

Mujokeri said people forget their apostolic roots hence he came up with the latest song in its traditional lyrics

The musician released his first single track kuita Zvamunotaura in October 2020 and named it, the Genesis because to him it was the beginning of his music ministry.

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