Makhadzi Accuses Record Label of Treating Her Unfairly

By Staff Reporter

Limpopo-born music sensation Makhadzi has accused her record label Open Mic Productions of treating her unfairly and renewing her contract without her consent.

The musician claimed that the label had enslaved her and denied her a cent from her successful projects.

Makhadzi signed a three-year contract with Open Mic Productions and released four albums during that period, some of which reached platinum and gold.

Despite her commercial success, Makhadzi claims that she never received any compensation for her album sales. Furthermore, the record label renewed her contract for another three years without discussing the matter with her.

Makhadzi went on a rant and exposed Open Mic

“I signed with Open Mic only for three years. In [these] three years I dropped 4 albums. I have never received any cent of my sales. Some of my album[s] reached platinum, some gold. And a lot of [the] hit songs that reached platinum and gold. But I continue to work without complaining [because] all I wanted was to serve my contract, to avoid them saying I bridged the contract.   

“I’m talking about the contract that I signed and no one [was] allowed to give me a copy. I worked with Open Mic without a copy of my contract ever since they said they will send it. I kept on reminding them but no one was willing to send me my contract,” she said.

“And how positive is that to renew my contract without sitting down with me? And how about my money for my album cos you haven’t never sent any cent, how possible is that for you to renew my contract without coming to me, what if I not happy working with.” charged Makhadzi

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