Mudiwa Hood Lives to His Promise On Mesi

By Staff Reporter

Mudiwa Hood has relocated sungura musician, Paradzai Mesi from his rural home to a new home in Harare where he has paid rentals for the whole year.

This comes after pictures of Paradzai Mesi’s dilapidated rural home were shared on social media.

“At least for the next 12months, 1 year rent paid! I am not at liberty to share exact location but it is in Harare. It will help him with his shows as most of the shows are in Harare. 4 Bedroom, dining, kitchen, tiled house, fully electrified and has a garden ne kamunda as well as fowl run.

I chose big a yard to help him be, not so crowded place, mainly for privacy ….iceleb redu iri. The closest school there is 200 metres from the house, will transfer the kids and pay the fees,” said Mudiwa

Mudiwa Hood said he would ask for Paradzai Mesi’s permission on how to use the donated money, which could be used for household items. He said this is a new start for Mesi, and anyone who wants to help with beds, kitchen furniture, tables, TVs, spoons, or anything else is welcome.

Mudiwa urges people to do good for no reason and be kind for no price, and thanks those who sent money through different platforms, wishing God to bless them. 

He said those who still want to assist can send money through these platforms and it will be accounted for by his Manager Mr Jusa

  • Ecocash: 0776956169 Andy Jusa
  • Innbucks : 0776956169 Andy jusa
  • Andy Jusa; Steward bank rtgs; acc 1046869757
  • Andy Jusa; Zb bank nostro; acc 4151280499405

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