Musician Promises a Wave of New Music as He Rises in the Industry

By Staff Reporter

Goromonzi-based artist Blessing “Diversity 05” Masiye is promising an abundance of good music for his fans after spending significant time in the industry.

The versatile chanter does not confine himself to a specific genre, reflecting the essence of his name, Diversity 05.

Masiye is determined to elevate his career by producing more songs for his fans and aims to reach new heights with his music.

“So far, I have managed to release four tracks: ‘Ndiwe,’ ‘My Prayer,’ ‘Lost Lovers,’ and ‘Madzimai.’ Many fans are reacting positively, and I want to thank them for their support as it strengthens me in my music career,” said Diversity 05.

He also acknowledged the producers he has collaborated with to date.

“I have worked with Wildfire from Gunforce Studios, Moyondizvo from Chrome Studios, and Martin Size from Eagles Studio. They have shown great appreciation for my work and have encouraged me to continue.

“To be honest, the combination of fans, the production crew, and my management team motivates me to maintain my standards. Everyone is invited to be part of this movement,” he added.

Masiye is working on several projects set to be released in June.

“This year, I have a number of projects in the pipeline. I can’t mention all of them now, but fans should expect more to come. This winter season, I have two tracks that will be released on the 5th of June: ‘Ndakaenda Ndakaenda,’ produced by Wildfire from Eagles Studios, and ‘Varoyi.'”

Diversity 05 grew up in Mabvuku, where he began his musical journey before moving to Goromonzi. He aspires to achieve great success with his music.

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