Goromonzi’s Music Maestro Promises an Exciting Future

By Thembinkosi Nyathi

Talent “DJ Talent” Chitewe, the creative force behind Goromonzi’s BMT Records studio, is gearing up for an even more prolific journey in the music industry, having honed his craft since 2016.

Reflecting on his journey, DJ Talent expressed his passion for music, tracing it back to his youth.

“Since 2016, I’ve been steering BMT Records studio in Goromonzi, purely driven by my love for music,” Chitewe shared.

Eyeing notable collaborations this year, DJ Talent revealed his aspirations to collaborate with industry heavyweights.

“This year, I aim to collaborate with renowned names in the industry, thanks to the support of my promoter, Boss Howard,” he disclosed.

In navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 era, DJ Talent and his team released the resonant “COVID-19” riddim, featuring a remarkable lineup of 25 artists, garnering widespread community acclaim.

More recently, their “Pagomba” riddim, promoted by Boss Howard, showcased the talents of 14 artists, further solidifying their impact.

Despite his successes, DJ Talent hasn’t been immune to industry hurdles.

“As an emerging producer, I’ve encountered reluctance from radio stations to feature my projects and a lack of acknowledgment from promoters,” he lamented.

Undeterred, DJ Talent invested in upgrading his studio this year, ensuring it boasts state-of-the-art equipment, poised to elevate the quality of his productions.

With determination and a revamped studio at his disposal, DJ Talent is poised to continue making waves in the music scene, promising an even brighter future ahead.

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