Zimdancehall Star Seh Calaz Rewarded with a Toyota GD6 for Promoting Kambucha

By Entertainment Reporter

Zimbabwean musician Seh Calaz is currently basking in the glory of a recent gift he received from Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe.

The renowned Zimdancehall artist, who became the brand ambassador for the popular probiotic beverage in 2022, was pleasantly surprised with a brand-new Toyota Hilux GD-6 Raider Double cab as a token of appreciation for his unwavering commitment to promoting the product.

Since taking on the role of brand ambassador, Seh Calaz has utilized his influence and social media presence to raise awareness about Kambucha Drink.

Through his captivating performances and strategic social media campaigns, the artist has managed to catapult Kambucha into the spotlight, earning him the title of “Brand Ambassador of the Year” among his fans and followers.

Kambucha Drink, a fermented tea and sugar-based probiotic beverage, has gained popularity for its purported health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and detoxification properties.

Seh Calaz’s relentless efforts in endorsing the product have contributed to its widespread recognition across Zimbabwe.

Moreover, Seh Calaz has proven that his association with Kambucha Drink goes beyond marketing endeavors.

The musician, who hails from the vibrant suburb of Mbare, has utilized his position as a brand ambassador to launch a football and netball tournament in his hometown.

The tournament aims to keep the youth engaged in positive activities, diverting their attention away from drug and substance abuse.

The gifted Toyota Hilux GD-6 Raider Double cab represents a significant gesture from Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe, acknowledging Seh Calaz’s tireless dedication to promoting their brand.

The talented artist proudly shared pictures on his Facebook account, capturing him standing beside the stylish mint grey vehicle. In another snapshot, he can be seen holding the car’s ownership documents alongside the enthusiastic staff members of Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe.

Seh Calaz beamed on his Facebook account.:

“Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe irikungoramba ichindipa Chiremeraa kana Mwari vada zvavo kuvhura hombe hapana   zvamungazviita #Siyaimwanaaende#takaipfuura#maambassadormanyama”

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