Dorcas Moyo’s Selfless Act Touches Hearts of Many

By Sifiso Ngwenya

Renowned gospel artist Dorcas Moyo has warmed hearts with her latest act of generosity, in a touching gesture, the musician reached out to a young fan, Irene Chakonesa, by providing her with school uniforms and covering her school fees for the entire year.

The heartwarming story began last year when Irene, a student at Matika Primary School in Mutare, wrote a heartfelt composition praising Moyo for her inspiring songs.

Moved by the young girl’s words, Moyo made it her mission to locate her young admirer.

After months of dedicated effort, Moyo’s determination paid off when she finally discovered Irene’s whereabouts on Monday.

The singer expressed her joy and relief at finding the young girl, saying, “Finally, my heart is at peace. I managed to trace the little angel who wrote a composition about a famous person she knows, and she wrote about Dorcas Moyo. I searched for her tirelessly, and today, I found her at Matika Primary School here in Mutare, Manicaland.”

Moyo’s act of kindness has won her even more admiration from her fans, who have always appreciated her music and compassion.

The gospel singer has a reputation for going above and beyond to help those in need, and this latest gesture is no exception.

Speaking about her decision to cover Irene’s school fees and provide her with uniforms, Moyo said, “My heart is now at peace. I have fulfilled my heart’s desire. Her fees and uniforms for 2023 are covered. I have paid.”

The news of Moyo’s act of kindness has spread quickly, and many have praised the artist for her selflessness and generosity

For Irene, Moyo’s generosity will make a world of difference, allowing her to continue her studies without the burden of financial worries. For Moyo, the joy of knowing that she has made a difference in someone’s life is the greatest reward of all.

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