Gospel Musician Dorcas Moyo Looks Beyond The Country

By Samuel Dzingirai

Award winning gospel musician and philanthropist Dorcas Moyo who is set to launch her ninth album next month says she is looking beyond Zimbabwe in her quest to spread the word of God through music.

Moyo is expected to launch her latest album ‘Mhanza Haisekwe’ on March 11 at Chancellor JNR School in Mutare.

In an interview with ZimReview, Moyo said she is looking forward to the launch and intend to form an academy to impart knowledge.

“Just like any other journey mine was not a stroll in the park and still challenges emerge everyday as you move. I am delighted to her that I became popular, it is a humbling compliment. To me I see it as a journey to win souls for Christ and if our efforts are hogging recognition I give glory to the Almighty Jehovah.

“Lord’s willing and leading we intend to be the most sought after gospel outfit in the country region and beyond. We also intend to form an academy where we will impart the little knowledge we have musically. There is are also plans to have a Dorcas Moyo foundation that will be driving our philanthropic drive,” said Moyo

The Mutare based musician said one of her objectives is to help upcoming artists to achieve their dreams.

“Everyone starts from somewhere. There is no need to give a cold shoulder to those who reach out to you. I am a born again and devoted Christian as such I cherish helping others and the upcoming artist are there included. While I might have not been a beneficiary of immense generosity from seasoned artist as we were rising God forbid I do likewise. There is need to be accommodative and this is one of our core objectives as a brand to assist upcoming artists”, said Moyo.

Her dream is to one day collaborate with renowned international gospel musicians as she feels she has a lot to learn from them.

“I will jump for international collaboration with Minister GCU, Tasha Cobbs, Frank Edward, Jimmy D Psalmist, Rebecca Malope the list is endless as I feel I still have a lot to learn from seasoned artist,” she said.

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