Prophet ‘Refuses’ To Take Part In Plot Against Uebert Angel For US$50K

By Staff Reporter

Internationally renowned Zambian preacher, Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi, has made shocking revelations about being persecuted for refusing to participate in a smear campaign against embattled Zimbabwe’s Ambassador -At- Large to Europe and the Americas Uebert Angel.

Sovi, who is the leader of the Imperial City Church based in South Africa, disclosed that his bank accounts were frozen after he declined a bribe of R1 million (US$50,000) to take part in a hatchet job against the ambassador.

Angel is also Sovi’s spiritual father, In a video shared online, Sovi revealed how he was approached and offered a bribe to provide false information about Ambassador Angel.

However, he declined the offer, stating that he did not want to be involved in any smear campaign against his spiritual father.

In a post on Facebook, Sovi further disclosed how his accounts were frozen after he turned down the R1 million bribe. He wrote, “they told me if you refuse to help us take down Prophet Uebert Angel, WE WILL FINISH YOU. So, I’m not surprised…I woke up to the NEWS of my BANK ACCOUNTS BEING FROZEN. We live in a world of wicked people!”

Sovi, in the video, disclosed that he was offered $50,000 to provide information about his spiritual father, which he refused.

He urged his followers to convert the amount to their currency to understand the magnitude of the bribe.

According to Sovi, the individuals who approached him acted as if they were coming for a one-on-one meeting but surprised him with the offer.

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