Female Students Scheme Ways of Augmenting Fees

By Panashe Gwesu

Female students across various institution of learning have embarked on self-help projects to augment their well-being at school as inflation continues to bite.

A snap survey by this publication has revealed that the students are equipping themselves with projects that include cosmetology, baking, buying and selling of commodities.

Gone are the old days when girls used to rely on their parents money to sustain themselves.

Tyra Gumbi (20) a student does manicure and pedicure and say the business has kept her afloat with many customers frequenting her parlour during weekends.

“The journey has not been easy but with support from my guardians, I have managed to succeed and remain afloat. I started this as a way of boosting finance and at the same time lessening the burden of paying fees on my guardians,” said Tyra

A Chinhoyi University of Technology graduate Kutenda Nyambudzi (24) sells clothes and other accessories at her residence in Chinhoyi.

“I started taking baby steps when I was in my second year and the business had a slow start as I suffered losses but I had to learn from the mistakes and now I can boast that the trade has been yielding results,” Nyambudzi said.

She challenged young female students to be equipped with simple tasks and reduce their reliance on their guardians and men lest they be taken advantage of.

Layla Mazhandu a Mutare polytechnic student sells confectionary products and has been able to support herself through proceeds from the business.

“I am no longer comfortable asking money for my well-being from my parents the cake business is paying off. I get orders for any event and I am equal to the task and this is just enough for me to take care of myself and invest again “, Mazhandu said.

For these young ladies the sky’s the limit, in the past young female students have been accused of engaging in promiscuous activities as a way of sustain college life.

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