Less Than A Million Zimbabweans Living Abroad: Report

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) says South Africa, Botswana and the United Kingdom are the major destinations for Zimbabweans living the country.

Thousands of Zimbabweans have left the country in search of greener pastures as a result of economic and political that have been bedeviling the country since the turn of the millennium.

According to the latest report ZIMSTAT estimates that 908 913 Zimbabweans are scattered across the world a huge variance between the figure and the long held estimates of millions that have been said to be dotted around the world. 

The ZIMSTAT report said South Africa is the major country of residence for Zimbabwean nationals with 85 per cent of the total population in the diaspora.

Botswana comes at a distant second with 5 per cent while the UK is in the 3rd position with 3 per cent.

The majority of people who left the country had completed lower secondary education (Ordinary Level), according to the ZIMSTAT report.

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