Controversial Ken Sharpe’s Aide Aleshina Reported to ZACC

Harare businessman Ken Sharpe’s aide Tatiana Aleshina has been reported to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (Zacc) for alleged obstruction of justice and contempt of court by property developer George Katsimberis.

Katsimberis accuses Aleshina of obstructing the course of justice in a case where the businessman has brought Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties and its employee to the courts on perjury charges following the destruction without a court order of a show house he had constructed under a joint venture agreement.

The show house was demolished on allegations that it had been constructed without approved plans despite Katsimberis proving that the plans were authentic.

Katsimberis and Sharpe are embroiled in a complex legal dispute emanating from the botched joint venture agreement.

In the latest case, Katsimberis accused Aleshina of deliberately supplying false information to public officials, including dragging in the office of the president, contempt of court as well as obstructing the  course of justice.

 “As shown above, on the 12th and 14th of June 2019, the accused (Aleshina) wrote letters in her name  and on behalf of the accused (Pokugara) to the town clerk of the City of Harare (Hosea Chisango) asking him to withdraw criminal charge against officials of the accused  (Pokugara) as well as against accused (Pokugara) in case number  CRB HR 14065/18 claiming in those letters the existence of support from government and the highest office for such withdrawal of said on-going criminal charges,” Katsimberis submitted.

“It is clear from the letter that  pressure was being brought to bear  on a witness in an ongoing criminal  investigation, which pressure included the direct and intimidatory  statement that those applying pressure enjoyed the support of the ‘government’ and the ‘highest office’ to  demand what they were asking for; a withdrawal of ongoing criminal charges.”

Katsimberis claimed that Aleshina has been interfering with investigations to sway the case against him.

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