CCC MPs Crossed The Line By Accepting US$40k Loan: Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says legislators from his party crossed the line by accepting the US$40 000 loan facility extended to them by the ruling Zanu PF government.

Government has offered a US$40 000 housing loan to each sitting Member of Parliament (MP), US$500 000 for individual ministers and US$350 000 for their deputies.

In a video, Chamisa said the loan facility was President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s way of averting bhora Musango (election sabotage) from Zanu PF legislators.

It’s not so much about the CCC its actually so much about Mr Mnangagwa trying to avert a bhora Musango within Zanu PF because he feels that the MPs are going to vote for themselves not campaign for him but campaign for mukomana (Chamisa) and to avert that they have had to oil the palms of the Members of Parliament and they could not do it for Zanu PF only.

“From what I have investigated and I’ve got a report this afternoon they had to also do it for CCC but CCC were not supposed to drink from this poisoned chalice, they have joined the pioneer column, they have joined the gravy train and they have crossed the line. I have told them if you don’t act accordingly you know what it means the citizens are waiting for you and they are going to punish you heavily, that one is catered for,” said Chamisa

He said calling it a loan was a way of playing with vocabulary because this was a bribe.

“Infact to call it a loan is to be very nice, this is a bribe disguised as a loan, a donkey is a donkey even if you want to say inyurusi hamusi kuona kuti rinoita kunge bhiza (even if you say a mule is like a donkey it remains a mule), Let call a spade a spade, you can’t go and call a lion a cat it’s a lion….. Don’t try to confuse with terms, I have engaged Members of Parliament, they are in a difficult moment and in a difficult position because they know what they did does not accord with what we expect of them. We will hear what they say in their defence because a lot of lines were crossed and corners were cut and an explanation has to come from them,” he said.

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