Draft Delimitation Report Does Not Pass The Constitutional Test: POLAD

The Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) a grouping of presidential candidates that participated in the 2018 harmonised elections has down played the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) preliminary delimitation report saying it does not pass the Constitutional test.

Speaking to journalists in Harare, POLAD chairperson on Governance and Legislative agenda Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the report was a failure on the part of the Commission.

“The Preliminary Delimitation Report does not pass the test set out in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. POLAD regards it as a failure on the part of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. The views and concerns expressed by the ad hoc committee of Parliament in respect of the Preliminary Delimitation Report are eminently sensible and in accordance with our Constitution. POLAD commends the ad hoc committee of Parliament for such a sterling Output,” said Prof. Madhuku

Polad, Prof Madhuku said expressed concern over governance issues within the Commission saying it cannot purport to operate without the collective position of all the commissioners.

“POLAD is very much concerned about the internal governance of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC]. Under our Constitution, ZEC is a corporate body consisting of nine commissioners. Under no circumstances may ZEC operate or purport to operate without the collective position of all the commissioners.

“The delimitation process cannot be the work of one or two Commissioners: there must be clear evidence that all commissioners are involved at every stage of the delimitation process. This is essential for the integrity and credibility of ZEC. POLAD would like to see public appearances of ZEC Commissioners at all platforms where ZEC is either presenting to, or receiving from, the President reports relating to the delimitation process. ZEC must use all the remaining stages to demonstrate, in public, the involvement of all commissioners.” he said.

Professor Madhuku said if the report was done by all the Commissioners then the country is in deep trouble because the report was a disaster.

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