Police Raise Alarm Over Drowning Involving Minors

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has expressed concern as more minors continue to drown to death across the country.

In a statement, the ZRP urged parents and guardians not to leave minors unattended to lower the risk of drowning. 

“On 23/02/23, Mthulisi Nhlalo Ndlovu (5) of St George Village, Chief Mabhikwa, Jotsholo, drowned in a 2m deep well when his guardians left him alone at home. On 24/02/23, Donald Gwezuva (06) and Praymore Shoko (04) of Chidanhika Village, Chief Mapiravana, Mberengwa lost their lives after drowning in a 1.5m deep pool. The parents of the children had left the children at home while attending a local meeting.

“On 25/02/23, the body of Resistance Mhlanga (19) of Banda Village, Chief Mabhikwa, Jotsholo was retrieved from the water. The boy drowned whilst trying to cross the flooded Gwayi River,” read the police statement

These incidents follow a series of cases in which more minors reportedly drowned to death. Police say the minors drown in shallow wells, pits, or rivers hence the need for parents and guardians to always ensure the safety and security of children.

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