If Citizens Select Another Party Leader I Will Step Down: Chamisa

By Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa says he is prepared to leave party presidency if citizens choose another leader other than himself to lead the party in the forthcoming Presidential elections.

Responding to a question on whether he will pave way for anyone selected to represent the party other than him, Chamisa said he is prepared step aside.

“Anytime, leadership is an opportunity to serve and not an opportunity to loot or to eat. So for many who are so fixated upon positions wanting to use positions as careers for some of us it is just an opportunity to serve and if people do not want you to serve why do you impose yourself.

 “That is why I have been saying to Mr. Mnangagwa, if I were you I would not even stand up for candidate, the roads are reporting that you have failed, hospitals are screaming and everything in this country is pointing to your failure including your own people in your own party but you need to have a lot humility to have that kind of quality unfortunately he does not have,” said Chamisa

He said the party would field a candidate in every constituency that is going to be contested and there won’t be  candidate duplication.

“We are not talking about utopia, citizens know each other in communities they know their leaders. Citizens in Muzarabani know who their leaders are. They know who they are going to choose, the only thing is for us as leaders to allow those candidate they have chosen to be supported. Our perennial problem has been the issue of double candidates, we have made sure that right now and going forward there is going to be strict mechanisms.

“I will not allow this process if I am the candidate to be abused by malcontents who end up confusing citizens. There will be one candidate per constituency to represent us. We know Zanu PF has been so desperate and have been sponsoring surrogates to disturb us and this time it’s not going to happen,” said Chamisa

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