Komichi Calls For A United Opposition Against Zanu PF

By Staff Reporter

Former Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) national chairman Senator Morgan Komichi has urged opposition leaders to put their differences aside and work together to dislodge Zanu PF for the betterment of the country.

In an interview on the prospects of a united opposition ahead of the 2023 elections, Komichi said a fragmented opposition is of no value to the electorate.

“At the moment opposition political parties in Zimbabwe is at its weakest point, it’s highly divided. We are not organized, in 2008 there was some semblance of unity of the opposition political parties. In 2018 there was an alliance of political parties, a well-organized alliance and it contributed positively to the results of the presidency that’s why people say the President got many votes more than Members of Parliament because so many people voted for the President of the alliance as a result political parties were voting for the MPs and then they vote for the alliance Presidential candidate.

“At the moment the opposition is not in any coalition, that’s a number one thing are we well-structured on the ground? Are we found in Muzarabani, Chiredzi north, Mberengwa and are we organized as we were in 2008, we ae not. So I call upon the realisation of opposition leaders to find each other making a formidable force against the ruling party. I am still hopeful and I still want to see opposition political parties uniting, if the other political parties are of no value in terms of support but the unity on its own gives confidence on the voters because it’s a driving force that will make sure people vote for us as an opposition if we are united,” said Komichi.

He said it takes leaders to put aside their differences to come up with a formidable opposition.

“It needs leaders, you need to be a leader because what makes you unite are the differences that you have and what makes you unite are the conflicts that you have. So the bigger the conflict we need strong leaders to confront that and make sure that we do resolve that problem. In 2018 alliance Morgan Tsvangirai had no ease walk in the park when he united his former friends the likes of Honorable Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube it was not an easy thing but he had to provide leadership. If he had followed emotions that could have not happened but he overcame all that and this is what still need to do. We need opposition leaders to put aside their political differences and this will benefit the people of Zimbabwe.” he said.

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