UFIC Officially Opens Chitungwiza Mega-Church Building

By Staff Reporter

The United Family International Church (UFIC), founded and led by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, celebrated the official opening of its mega-church building in Chitungwiza on Sunday, April 9th.

The grand opening was marked with a ceremony attended by a host of dignitaries, including the Mayor of Wardley, Georgia, US, and the Ambassador of Ghana to Zimbabwe.

Officially opening the mega church Makandiwa’s Ghanaian spiritual father and mentor Victor Kusi Boateng thanked Makandiwa for effectively running the church.

“I thank the prophet for running the church smoothly. I think some nations can take lessons from him, the organisation and everything,” said Boateng

Makandiwa, the founder of UFIC, expressed his gratitude to those who had helped make the mega-church a reality and also revealed that the church plans to build another structure that will serve as the national headquarters in the near future.

“When we decided to build this structure initially our hope was to be able to accommodate everyone inside this building, but the numbers are even much bigger now. This place can no longer be our headquarters and once we are done with this one, we move on to the next project,” Prophet Makandiwa said.

The opening of the mega-church building is a significant milestone for the UFIC, which has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

The church has a large following in Zimbabwe and beyond, and the new structure is expected to further cement its position as one of the leading churches in the country.

The UFIC has been involved in various charitable initiatives in Zimbabwe, including the provision of food aid and blankets to schools and hospitals. With the opening of its new mega-church, the church is expected to continue its mission of spreading the gospel and serving the community.

The newly constructed church building can accommodate up to 30,000 people, making it one of the largest churches in the country.

The ceremony was attended by thousands of members and well-wishers who were eager to witness the unveiling of the impressive structure.

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