Six Years For Mukuru Armed Robbers

By Caleb Chikwawawa

A Gweru Magistrate Court has sentenced two men to six years in prison for robbing a Mukuru Westend Supermarket booth in Maboleni, Gweru.

In a statement, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said that two men Courage Moyo, (31) and Tapiwa Zhazha (31) where charged after they robbed the Mukuru booth in Gweru.

“The state proved that the pair, Courage Moyo, (31) and Tapiwa Zhazha, (31) who were in the company of four others who are still at large hatched a plan to rob the Mukuru booth. Upon arrival at the booth the first accused person together with another accused person who is still at large proceeded to a Mukuru agent and threatened him with a firearm whilst the second accused person waited in their getaway car, a Honda Fit.

“They went on to take cash amounting to USD1 194 as well as ZAR16 600. They also stole two Samsung Galaxy Al2 mobile phones before running away. The Mukuru agent tried to pursue them but stopped when the accused persons fired two shots towards him. A report was made to the Police and investigations led to the recovery of the Honda Fit. The motor vehicle was searched and a National Identity Card belonging to Courage Moyo was recovered,” said the NPA

The duo was sentenced to ten years in prison however, two years were suspended on condition that they do not commit a similar offence and the other two were suspended on condition they pay restitution to Mukuru.

“The Police stationed at Nkayi later received a tipoff which led to the arrest of the accused persons. A search was conducted and a 1 Star pistol loaded with 5 rounds was recovered. Cash amounting to ZARS 010 and USD64 was also recovered from the accused persons.

“They were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment 2 years were suspended on condition that they do not commit an offence involving dishonesty whilst another 2 years were suspended on condition that they pay back the money stolen from Mukuru. They will serve 6 years effective,” said NPA

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