Gold Mafia Doccie, Uebert Angel Was Playing Along: Lawyer

By Staff Reporter

Ambassador Uebert Angel’s lawyer, Professor Lovemore Madhuku, has spoken out about the recent Al Jazeera documentary on alleged gold smuggling and money laundering in the country.

The last episode of the four-part documentary was aired last week with Ambassador Angel hogging the limelight by mainly featuring in the negotiations.

In a press conference, Madhuku revealed that his client was involved in a “classified national intelligence assignment” that was aimed at gaining intelligence about the investors’ agenda.

“My client has an office as an ambassador at large and has a team of people who are his assistants. These people approached my client through his assistants wanting to see the President of Zimbabwe for investment discussions. When my client was approached by one of his subordinates, he made checks to find out how much he knew these people.

“He was advised by one of his persons that he been in touch with them for a period in excess of two years. On that basis my client thought he could facilitate an interaction between those persons and the President. The rule of things they were going to check are what are called security checks and the security checks were to be undertaken through the national security framework of our country.

“The intelligence informed my client that they had serious doubts about these persons, they had serious suspicions about these persons and that it was not advisable for them to meet the President. In fact, the national intelligence discovered that those persons intended something very dangerous not just to the country but their aim was the President,” said Prof. Madhuku

Madhuku emphasized that Angel was playing along with the national intelligence and that there was a possibility that these people were not what the intelligence thought they were.

“The position which was discussed, this interaction led to what we are calling a classified national intelligence assignment which meant that a decision was taken with the intelligence authority that my client would play along and would not cancel his interactions with these persons and he would meet them as if he was going to make arrangements for them to meet the President and for them to do investments in Zimbabwe.

“It was in the context of National intelligence operations, Zimbabwe wanted to gain intelligence out of it, wanted to see how far its enemies could go and what their agendas were that is the context. Ordinarily, these things are not told to the world but because of the intensity and implications of the Al Jazeera documentary on the integrity of the operations of the Governmental operations my client felt obliged that he has a moral obligation at least to give an indication of what was going on. In terms of playing along my client says even as were playing along there was also somewhat a possibility that these people were not what the intelligence thought they were,” said Madhuku

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