Government Intensifies Fight Against Drug Abuse

By Caleb Chikwawawa

The government has set up a national committee on the elimination of drug and subtance abuse in the country

Drug and substance abuse has caused untold suffering within communities destroying families and threatening the core of societal values and norms

In a post cabinet press briefing Wednesday, the Minister of information Monica Mutsvangwa said the Committee  will be given authority to deal with the drug issue.

“Cabinet has decided to set up a national committee on the elimination of drugs and substance abuse. This committee will be empowered to come up with systematic, sustainable responses that will assist in assuring that the society is free of drugs and substance abuse”, she said.

Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said that the only way to effectively avert substance abuse is to target the root cause.

“Most of the dangerous drugs and substances being abused are imported, with the traffickers acting in cahoots with local drug Lords and an array of criminal elements in our society.

“Following Cabinet’s decision at its last meeting to establish an institutional framework to decisively deal with the menace, Cabinet has decided to set up a National Committee on the Elimination of drug and substance abuse”, said Monica Mutsvangwa.

The substances that are most commonly used in Zimbabwe include alcohol, cannabis, coccaine, glue and cough mixtures and crystal methamphetamine (mutoriro).

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