Chamisa Says Bad Politics Can’t Deliver Good Economics

By Sifiso Ngwenya

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa, took to Twitter today to express his concerns over the current state of Zimbabwe’s economy and called for a change in leadership to rectify the worsening economic conditions.

Chamisa’s tweet emphasized the interconnection between politics and economics, asserting that “BAD POLITICS can’t deliver good economics.”

Chamisa’s attack centered on the soaring prices and the erosion of wages in the country arguing that the dire state of Zimbabwe’s economy is a direct result of ineffective leadership.

“BAD POLITICS can’t deliver good economics. The state of the economy is the state of leadership. Prices in the shops are wild. Salaries are completely washed away. Just pay workers a decent wage in $US Zimbabwe; #Thistime try us, give us a chance to fix this mess once and for all!” said tweeted Chamisa

Zimbabweans have over the past few weeks seen their purchasing power decline due to hyperinflation amid calls for effective solutions to curb the price madness that has gripped the country.

Some businesses are offering discounts for United States dollar payments, while using parallel market rates when pegging prices in local currency.

Recently, the government accused retailers of intentionally harming the economy by engaging in speculative pricing practices and hiding goods from store shelves.

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