FORUS President’s Christmas Message Emphasizes Unity, Safety, and Hope for Zimbabweans

By Staff Reporter

In a heartfelt Christmas message, opposition Freedom of Rights Under Sovereign (Forus) president Irene Manyara Muyenziwa urged Zimbabweans to embrace the traditions that define their identity and underscored the special significance of the festive season.

“This is a time when we come together as families and communities cherishing the traditions that make us who we are. Christmas holds a special significance for Zimbabweans symbolising love, togetherness and the joy of giving.

“It is a time when we gather with our loved ones travelling to rural areas to reunite with family and relatives. These moments of connections and shared experience are what makes this holiday truly meaningful,” said Muyenziwa

She said shared experiences among families contribute to the deeper meaning of Christmas.

“As we celebrate, it is important to be mindful of the challenges that can arise. Accidents are unfortunately common during this time and we must prioritise safety above all else. Let us take necessary precaution whether it’s on the roads or in our homes to ensure that the joy of this season is not overshadowed by tragedy

“We are also aware of the financial difficulties faced by many Zimbabweans particularly during the holiday. The high price of basic commodities make it challenging to embrace the holiday spirit. I understand the hardships that this brings and I want you to know, you are not alone,” she said

Addressing the economic struggles faced by many Zimbabweans, Muyenziwa empathized with the financial difficulties, particularly the high prices of basic commodities.

Muyenziwa rallied the citizens to face challenges with a collective spirit, holding onto the belief that brighter days lie ahead.

“In the face of adversity, it is our resilience that will carry us forward let us find joy in the simple pleasures cherishing the moment spent with our loved ones.

“We find ourselves in a struggling economy but let us not lose hope. As we bid farewell to this year let us look to the future with optimism . May the coming year bring improved circumstances and opportunities to all of us. Together we can overcome any challenge that come our way, let us hold the belief that brighter days lie ahead and let this hope guide us in our actions and decisions,” said Muyenziwa

Acknowledging the challenges that often accompany the holiday season, Muyenziwa urged citizens to prioritize safety. With a somber note on the prevalence of accidents during this period, she called for heightened precautions on roads and at home to ensure that joyous celebrations remain untainted by tragedy.

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