Mahere Hints On CCC Election Candidates Selection

By Staff Reporter

The Nelson Chamisa led opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says citizens will choose party candidates for the forthcoming harmonised elections set for this year.

Addressing journalists in Harare, CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the process was designed to promote transparency within the movement.

“We received a number of enquires on what our candidate selection process will look like. Following feedback that we received about how candidates for this new movement are to be selected, it was concluded based on what the citizens fed back to us, that’s what’s most desired is for citizens not to have any leaders or candidates imposed upon them. Citizens want to be able to select candidates for themselves something that we dubbed the community census candidate selection process.

“This is something in respect of which a very sophisticated template has been drawn and at the appropriate time it’s going to be launched so that every single community is able to know how they will be able to plug in. What I can assure you at this stage is that it’s a water tight process to ensure that your voices are heard and ensure that we put our best foot forward and ensure that we have the best most competent candidates and citizen focused representatives. The launch of that candidate selection process will be launched in due course,” said Mahere

Mahere added “As the CCC we are taking no voter and constituency for granted. We don’t accept that there is a constituency that already belongs to Zanu PF. We are going to ensure that no stone is left unturned mobilising and campaigning even in the deeper, furthest rural communities of Zimbabwe. We are going to ensure that we mobilise in every village, street, town, city and Province.

“This something that has started over eight years ago that our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa commissioned, the mugwazvo campaign. Our goal is to win big this year and part of that goal includes ensuring that we win with a landslide victory, a two thirds majority in Parliament, clean sweeps in urban municipalities and also majority in our rural districts councils.”

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