Public Health Crisis Escalates in Mbare

By Memory Chivhunga

Mbare residents are grappling with a growing public health crisis due to uncollected garbage at the intersection of Chaminuka and Seke Street.

The situation has taken a dire turn with two recent fatalities in the area, prompting residents to voice their concerns in a letter addressed to the District Officer.

In the letter, residents outlined the alarming presence of worms originating from the dumping site infiltrating homes and yards, posing a significant threat to lives, particularly those of children playing outside.
The gravity of the issue was underscored by the recent burial of two community members who succumbed to cholera, with an increasing number of cases attributed to the unsanitary conditions.

Sharon Makaripe, a resident near the dumping site, pointed fingers at council cleaners, accusing them of contributing to the issue.

“Council cleaners are also the people who put this litter on this dumping site, and the residents follow suit,” Makaripe said

Byrone, another resident living in proximity to the site, expressed the toll on his well-being, saying, “I’m now used to the smell which comes from the dumping site, and I’m restless because of this.”

Reuben Akili, Director of the Combined Harare Residents Association, raised serious concerns about the City of Harare’s response.

“The City of Harare is violating the residents of Mbare’s right to health. It’s very unfortunate that the City of Harare is not treating the cholera issue seriously, as some of their workers are the ones who are dumping litter at the site,” Akili said

This crisis echoes the challenges faced in the previous year, where a surge in cholera cases, particularly in high-density areas like Kuwadzana, resulted from issues such as uncollected garbage and unhygienic practices.

The residents of Mbare are now demanding urgent intervention to prevent further loss of life and address the root causes of this escalating public health emergency.

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