Madzibaba Masango Receives National Acclaim for Global Impact in Spiritual Healing

By Desire Tshuma

Prophet Masango, a Harare-based spiritual leader, receives national acclaim for his steadfast dedication to spiritual healing, effectively countering global spiritual attacks.

Madzibaba Masango, depicted above during his spiritual duties, has been diligently serving the divine cause in Zimbabwe and beyond, aiding both Christians and non-Christians in various spiritual healings.

“I am committed to continuing God’s work not only in Harare but also across all provinces in Zimbabwe,” explained Madzibaba Masango.

Recently recognized by the British for his spiritual endeavors, Madzibaba Masango is preparing to revisit the United Kingdom in the coming months.

The man of God faced a challenge a few years ago when the devil attempted to deter him, resulting in the tragic loss of all his children in a school accident along Mutare road.

Despite this, Madzibaba Masango remained unwavering in his commitment to God’s work, with only his wife surviving the incident, albeit critically injured.

“We have a social media platform where my congregants share their testimonies. I have assisted infertile couples, recovered stolen property, conducted ‘go back to sender,’ and addressed various spiritual attacks,” added Madzibaba Masango.

Known nationally for his travels, preaching, and healing missions, Madzibaba Masango, a gifted spiritual leader, continues to make an impact in Zimbabwe with his steadfast spiritual healing.

During an interview in Harare yesterday, Madzibaba Masango shared insights into his future endeavors, emphasizing that he has successfully navigated and overcome various spiritual temptations.

However, he expressed concern about the rise of counterfeit spiritual healers affecting him and his congregation.

“I utilize different social media platforms to connect with people seeking spiritual healing. Despite attempts by bogus spiritual healers to deceive my congregants, the power of God has thwarted their efforts to mislead the children of God under my spiritual care,” added Madzibaba Masango.

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