Job Sikhala Convicted Again, For Communicating Falsehoods

By Staff Reporter

Formers Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala has been found guilty of communicating falsehoods, marking his second conviction within a fortnight.

Initially, Sikhala was convicted of inciting violence in connection to the death of opposition activist Moreblessing Ali. However, he narrowly avoided incarceration with a wholly suspended two-year jail sentence having spent more than 500 days in pre-trial detention.

During the recent trial, prosecutors accused Sikhala of spreading misinformation on social media, alleging that he falsely claimed a police officer had fatally struck an infant with a baton while enforcing road regulations.

Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka, presiding over the case, ruled in favor of the State, asserting that the evidence presented convincingly linked Sikhala to the contentious social media post.

“The Facebook page in question bears the accused’s name and likeness,”

“The statements made therein resonate with the accused’s political rhetoric. Despite the State’s prima facie case, the accused chose not to refute the allegations, invoking his right to silence. Consequently, the court finds the accused guilty of disseminating falsehoods intended to undermine the authority of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.” said Magistrate Chakanyuka.

Sikhala’s sentencing is scheduled for February 16, where the court will determine the repercussions of his latest conviction.

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