Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum a Success

By Staff Writer

THE Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum that was recently hosted in Gweru attracted multitude of entrepreneurs who deliberated on strategies how business can survive in this digital era in Zimbabwe.

The panellist who included the co-founders of the Forum Christian Mashove, discussed ways which businesses can foster innovation and partnerships to foster growth among entrepreneurs not only in Midlands but across the country.

Mashove is an award winning entrepreneur based in Gweru.

“Entrepreneurship not only generates economic growth but also fosters social change. Visionary entrepreneurs recognize market gaps and develop innovative solutions.

“As Midlands’s entrepreneurs, we aim to bring together start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business owners across the Midlands province for the purpose of networking, empowering, and elevating them,” Mashove said.

He said Midlands entrepreneurs continue to make a positive impact in the economy.

“By encouraging people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to engage in entrepreneurial activities especially in other tow s like Gweru, we unlock a wealth of untapped potential and talent.

“This inclusivity fosters innovation through the exchange of different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, leading to more creative solutions and a richer entrepreneurial ecosystem,” Mashove said.

“By nurturing entrepreneurship, we cultivate a culture of innovation that drives economic growth. These entrepreneurs have made significant strides in job creation in the Midlands region, “he said.

This initiative comes at a crucial time when the Midlands region is witnessing a surge in entrepreneurial activity, with many individuals seeking to establish and grow their businesses.

The forum’s vision is to become the leading platform for entrepreneurial development in the Midlands, providing a supportive environment for businesses to thrive.
The mission statement of the Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum underscores its commitment to building a vibrant community for entrepreneurs.

“The Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum is dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant community for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and access resources that drive their businesses forward,” reads the statement.

Some of the notable companies that attended the official launch are Gabs Courier,Elite Business Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Bug Destroyers Pvt Ltd, Wise Wave Travels, Black Legend Investors Club, Kilomarket, LogoCert, International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF),Suit Plug, Diva Secret International, MedLux Health Shop, Twinkle Mobile Pvt Ltd

The launch of the Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum has been met with enthusiasm from the local entrepreneurial community, with many expressing optimism about the opportunities it presents.

As the Midlands Entrepreneurs Forum sets out on its mission to support and empower entrepreneurs in the region, it is poised to become a driving force for economic growth and development.

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