Fadzayi Mahere Supporters Boycott Mt. Pleasant By-Elections

By Staff Reporter

A recent public opinion survey conducted by the Elections Resource Centre (ERC) has revealed that a significant portion of voters will not participate in tomorrow’s Mt. Pleasant by-elections due to their support of former Member of Parliament Fadzayi Mahere.

Mahere resigned alleging that the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leadership was no longer chosen by the people but was instead being imposed by a “tainted state of Parliament” and “dark actors.”

According to the ERC survey, a significant portion of respondents were unaware of the scheduled by-election, while others expressed uncertainty about their voting preferences.

“22.8% of those surveyed were unaware that a by-election was scheduled for April27,2024. 21.2% of registered voters who indicated they were not voting in the by-election are refraining from doing so due to their support of former Member of Parliament Fadzayi Mahere, who resigned, giving rise to the by-election.

“Social welfare issues, including welfare, healthcare, education, justice, and crime, trump economic issues, including currency, inflation, and salaries, as key issues that influence a voter’s decision when casting a ballot. 40.9% of registered voters are still unsure about who they are voting for in the upcoming by-election,” said the election advocacy group

In light of these findings, the ERC has recommended increased voter education ahead of electoral processes.

“Increasing civic/voter education ahead of electoral processes including dates and importance of participation in electoral processes is integral to increasing citizen participation in electoral processes. Stakeholders should take steps to ensure sensitizing citizens on their roles post-elections in accountable service delivery and the linkages between elections and accountable service delivery.

“There is need for electoral stakeholders to take steps to increase public understanding of linkages between socioeconomic issues and the exercising of political rights. Electoral stakeholders need to use alternative sources of information in disseminating election related information,” ERC said

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