Chamisa Appeals For SADC Help

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has appealed to neighbouring countries to assist in holding reliable elections.

In an opinion piece written in a South African publication, Chamisa said he was encouraged by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s statements in which he said the immigration crisis will be dealt with at a regional level.

“Our call to our neighbours is this; we appreciate your benevolence and patience, but you should not have to carry this burden any longer than you already have. Please help us to hold credible elections. We are encouraged that President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the immigration crisis will be discussed at a regional level.

“Now, more strongly than ever, SADC must demand reforms. We do not ask for anything new, only that Zimbabwe hold elections that meet already existing SADC guidelines. This, more than shaming the innocent victims of misrule, is what will solve the crisis. Zimbabweans do not want to cross the borders for services or jobs. They do not want to be a burden. They have not chosen this life. They have not chosen their leaders. It is time they did,” said Chamisa

He said once elected into power he will ensure that the national budget will cater for critical social services and increase health budget for health professionals.

“We have a plan to turn this around. We have a New Great Zimbabwe plan to build and transform Zimbabwe into glory. Zimbabwe is not poor. It is poorly led. It is simply a leadership crisis. And we will fix it.

“The cartels that smuggle US$1.6 billion worth of gold from our country every year will be stopped. We will rededicate a more significant proportion of our national budget to critical social services, and away from the overpriced vanity projects designed to oil corrupt cartels.

“We will increase the budget for health and ramp up support to our professionals. We will treat our people at home, in our own first-class hospitals. This all starts with solving the governance crisis once and for all. We need reforms. We must prepare and have a pre-election pact on electoral and political reforms,” he said

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