Ex-Husband Sues Mai Titi For US$250k

Comedienne Felistas Murata commonly known as ‘Mai Titi’ has been sued for US$250 000.00 by her US-based estranged husband Tinashe Maphosa.

The two who wedded at an extravagant ceremony early this year had a nasty fallout that led to an acrimonious divorce after only four months into their union.

According to Mai Titi, she borrowed some of the money for the wedding which was estimated to have forked out US$100 000 in anticipation that her husband would reimburse as agreed. After the wedding, Maphosa did not honour his word, which led to Mai Titi’s public melt down.

In court summons circulating on social media, Maphosa is suing the comedienne for defamation damages.

“Plaintiffs (Maphosa) claim against the Defendant (Murata) is for payment of the sum of US$250 000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars) being defamation damages. The damages arises from statements made by the Defendant on her social media platforms which include Facebook through her social media handle called “Mai Ts Diaries”, wherein Defendant stated that, the Plaintiff is a serial liar, abusive, rapist and criminal who used the Defendant’s name to borrow money.

“Furthermore the article went on to insinuate that the Plaintiff was a criminal who has perfected his art of planning his moves before striking to manipulate his victims.
Such words were untrue, wrongful and were intended to injure Plaintiff’s reputation. Plaintiff also claims interest and cost of suit,” read the summons.

Reacting to the development, Mai Titi wrote obscenities on her Facebook page before challenging Maphosa to come to Zimbabwe if he is clean.

“I’m paying vanhu maridzawakaba ndirikusafa nezvikwereti zvako iwembwa iwe otumira summons musatanyoko wako iwe mbwaiwe. idiot mbavha wakadyaidzwa iwe musatanyoko if u know u re innocent land here imbwa du*viwe mbwaaaaaa yemunhu,” posted Mai Titi

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