Fraud Accused Businesswoman Li Song Appears In Court

By Staff Reporter

Chinese businesswoman Li Song who was arrested on Wednesday after being accused of swindling the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) out of $40,000, has appeared in Court.

Song, 52, appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with fraud. She was granted US$150 bail.

Among her bail conditions, she was advised to reside at the given address, not to interfere with state witnesses and to report on Friday after every two weeks at the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) offices.

According to court papers, the complainant in the matter is the state represented by Francesco Marconati, Managing Director DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited.

The accused person in this matter is Li Song, a former director of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited and DGL 5 Investments (PVT) Limited from 1 September 2017 to 3 March 2022. Both companies are formerly registered under the Companies Act.

The State alleges that sometime in 2023, Song made an application to ZIMRA for some rebates on the intended importation of Sodium Cyanide and Hydrated Lime.

Song reportedly tasked her accomplice, Bernadate Mukuku, a former employee of DGL 5 Investments (PVT) Limited from 2017 until 9 November 2022 to make some follow-ups with the ZIMRA on the approval of the rebate applications.

ZIMRA station manager, Bulawayo Port approved the rebate applications on 17 April 2023 for four consignments of 18.7 MT and 27.5 MT of Sodium Cyanide, valued at US$ 131 670-0 and 23.7MT and 30MT of Hydrated Lime, valued at US$ 13 425-00 and the approval letters were addressed to DGL 9 Investments (PVT) Limited, copied to Song.

Further allegations are that Song with the assistance of Bernadate Mukuku, using DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited name, imported the hydrated lime from Mauritius through the Chirundu Border Post and the Sodium Cyanide from Mauritius through Forbes Border Post.

The two misrepresented to ZIMRA on the declaration documents that the consignments were being imported by DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited.

Song is a shareholder of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited and not a director whilst accomplice is a former employee and both did not have any authority to apply for rebate and import the goods on behalf of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited.

The imported Hydrated Lime and Sodium Cyanide was allegedly never delivered or used at DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited as per requirement of the rebate.

It is the State’s case that through the misrepresentation, ZIMRA was prejudiced of approximately US$40 000.00 in duty and DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited was prejudiced of its reputation and good administration.

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