Chinese Businesswoman Li Song Remains Detained

By Staff Reporter

Chinese businesswoman Li Song who is accused of smuggling over 100 tonnes of cyanide, remains detained at Avondale Police Station as authorities probe her claim of diplomatic immunity.

Li Song was scheduled to attend court on Thursday to face charges of smuggling, after being arrested at the Harare Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

However, complications arose when she informed National Prosecuting Authority officials during the vetting process that she held diplomatic status. Consequently, she was held in police custody for further investigation into her claims, pending verification with the Chinese embassy.

Li Song is charged with evading customs duties on the importation of over 100 tonnes of sodium cyanide and 40 tonnes of hydrated lime in 2023.

It is alleged that sometime last year, Li fraudulently obtained duty rebates to import the chemicals after claiming to represent Eagle Italian Shoes and Leather.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) conducted an investigation into the matter, concluding that the incident occurred after she had already ceased to be a co-director of the company. The shipment, imported from Mauritius under the company’s name, resulted in a loss for the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

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