Clearing Agent In Court for Defrauding Chinese Investor

By Judith Nyuke

A clearing agent based in Harare has appeared in court on accusations of defrauding a Chinese citizen, who allegedly lost US$5,500 and ZWL7,800,000,000 in a failed customs clearance operation.

Noel Chikunyu appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with theft. The matter was rolled over to 14 May after he was granted US$150 bail.

The complainant in the matter is Wang Wanang.

The State alleges that on the date unknown to the prosecutor but in March 2024 and in Central Business District, the complainant wanted to pay customs duty for his electrical consignment which she imported from China.

She approached the accused person who is a Clearing Agent, after having an agreement, the complainant gave Chikunyu cash amounting to USD$5 500-00 and RTGS 78 000 000-00.

It is alleged that the accused person took the money and he converted it to his own use and he failed to pay for the customs when the consignment arrived from China.

Since then the accused person had been evasive to the complainant.

It is the State’s case that the total amount stolen is USD$5 500-00 and RTGS 78 000 000-00 and nothing was recovered.

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